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Arcade & Arena

Adobe Aero

Collaboration with teachers and developers

Inclusive Design Experience for Healthcare

Collaborator: Ian Shei

This is a process documentation of senior design research studio, which focuses on rethinking accessibility design in healthcare through design research and hybrid environment design.

Preliminary Case Study

1. This Ables (IKEA Israel)

2. Xbox


Hospitals have been good at providing patients a sense of privacy. However, along with privacy comes with a sense of isolation. The feeling of not being understood, the feeling of being taken away from the familiar person/environment, the feeling of fighting with the disease all alone. …

Explore creative body awareness through VR yoga practice

Collaborators — Mert Bozfakioglu, Roly Gracias
Keywords — Awareness, mindfulness, virtual reality, environmental feedback, motion, presence, limb awareness
Medium — Oculus Quest, Tilt Brush


Why yoga and VR?

Body awareness is never an alien concept for virtual reality. Even though virtual reality has developed so much that players can feel fairly comfortable to perform tasks in virtual space such as doing sports, socializing, drawing etc., it still only partially masters the art of human body awareness. From a technical standpoint, so far the most popular VR headsets like Oculus only support head tracking and hand tracking, and full body tracking only comes to…

Unbox The Journey of Your Produce

Client: Good Eggs

Prompt: Your client has decided to pursue the pop-up shop model. Their stand alone space(s) will be located in urban centers for short periods of time (3–4 weeks) and then moved to other cities around the country. This model will allow them the flexibility to experiment with ideas and reach a broad audience. While coined a pop-up “shop”, the client is more interested in the space being an expression of the brand, rather than a revenue-generating store.

Brand Analysis

Full Brand Analysis Here

Background -

Good Eggs is an online grocery and meal kit delivery service that provides fresh…

Map of Urban Archeology in Human-Nature Patterns

A map that capture the ephemeral change of human-nature pattern in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh as one of the cities on the “rust belt” and a fast-growing city because of technological development has a very unique pattern for urban development. Through observing the human-nature patterns in a multi-layered way, I hope the map can reveal how Pittsburgh has evolved into its current state.

First-hand Research

Why “Archeology”

Meijie Hu

A curious & self-driven multimedia interaction designer interested in speculative interactions. Salted pretzel@CMU Design.

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